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"Legendary" gets warm welcome on iTunes

"Legendary," the debut single by the Indy Pop band, Mr. Downstairs, was released to digital stores on March 29th. Early response has been very encouraging with 55 5-star ratings and three pages of glowing reviews in its first day! All of the tracking (except for the live drums) was recorded at Big Planet Studio and produced by Billy White Acre. Great voices and Great songwriting by Dani Artuad and Asia Whiteacre.



“The Apple” EP ~ on iTunes

We released a brand new 5-song EP on iTunes on January 1st.  It includes PooPooHed plus Misery, The Apple, Bad Experience (acoustic version), and Automatic Forest.

We just posted a YouTube video of me performing The Apple tonight.  It’s a quirky, quasi love song that I perform solo on a $70 guitalele with a few yodels and plenty of innuendos.

NAMM Shows – January 14th & 15th

I’m playing three concerts at NAMM this year (Nat’l Assn. of Music Merchants), presented by Yamaha Guitars who have been sponsoring me and my guitar habit for the past 20 years.  If you have tickets to NAMM, I’m playing at 11AM on Friday and Saturday, and at 4PM on Saturday.  It will be a plugged-in acoustic set of songs and instrumentals inside the Marriot at the Yamaha Compound.  More details to come.

Happy New Year & Welcome to My New Website!

Oddly enough I stepped away from performing to focus on film and TV composing right before Myspace and iTunes existed. At that time the only way to let your fans know you were performing was a mountain of effort, with postcards, phone calls and emails. And no one even heard your music unless it got onto the radio or a friend insisted they check you out.  So, I’m psyched to be writing this, one day after we launched our first YouTube video, and we already have 700 views. And I really don’t know 700 people!

I was fortunate to be invited to play an acoustic set in front of Foreigner last May at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for an amazing crowd. That lit the fuse and I’ve been itching to perform ever since. This time around I won’t have to ring up all my fans to remind them when and where I’m playing. Whew!